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Title: Exploring the Role of Reading Electronic Books in Vocabulary Learning
Other Titles: The Case of Master Two Students, Department of English, University of 8 Mai 1945-Guelma
Authors: BELMICI, Hanane
Keywords: Electronic books, strategies, e-books’ features, vocabulary learning.
Issue Date: Jul-2019
Abstract: Nowadays, no one can deny the effective role of technology in all the fields. Based on this context, researchers have started to seek for innovative ways on how to enhance the students’ vocabulary repertoire through reading electronic books (e-books). Therefore, the widespread use of e-books has attracted the researcher’s attention to conduct this study which aims at investigating the role of reading electronic books in vocabulary learning. In this regard, (35) of Master Two EFL students at the department of English at the University of Guelma have been chosen randomly as a sample for this study. On this basis, we have hypothesized that if students frequently read electronic books, this may lead them to acquire more vocabularies. In order to test this hypothesis, a mixed methodology has been selected, including both qualitative and quantitative descriptive measurements. Particularly, using the questionnaire and the interview in order to gain more data about the sample’s choice of e-books as a new media to read and learn more lexis, in addition to probe the teachers’ attitudes towards the students’ use of these new appliances. The results driven from both tools have confirmed that students admit that they learn new words when they read on screen and they are aware of its strategies and features. In the same regard, teachers have shown positive attitudes towards the use of electronic books. Therefore, this study suggests the implication of the integration of electronic books that can be used anytime and everywhere in the classrooms, especially in reading’s courses to facilitate the process of reading which will automatically improve the linguistic repertoire of students, also to stand as a solution for the non-availability of some printed books and references.
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