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Title: The Impact of Using Bilingual Dictionaries on Literary Translation
Other Titles: The Case Study of 3rd Year Students at the Department of English at Guelma University
Authors: GRINI, Mohammed Anis
Keywords: Impact-Using Bilingual Dictionaries-Literary- Translation
Issue Date: Jun-2023
Abstract: The research aims to explore the extent to which bilingual dictionaries affect the translation of literary texts and the difficulties EFL (English as a Foreign Language) learners may encounter during this process. Additionally, it seeks to identify the most effective method students should employ when translating literary works. Employing an experimental method, the study administered a test that required students to translate expressions from English into Arabic literary texts and vice versa. The findings reveal that while bilingual dictionaries can be beneficial tools, it is essential for students to have a well-rounded understanding of the language, context, and cultural nuances for optimum translation outcomes. Therefore, the research emphasizes the need for comprehensive translation methodologies that incorporate the use of bilingual dictionaries alongside the context and cultural knowledge.
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