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Title: The Impact of Collaborative Writing on Developing Students’ Writing Proficiency
Other Titles: A Case Study of Second Year LMD Students at the English Department -University of Guelma
Authors: BOUAICH Salima, HAFIANE Zineb
Keywords: Collaborative Writing-Developing Students-Proficiency-Impact
Issue Date: Sep-2016
Abstract: The present research work aims at examining the impact of collaborative writing in improving students’ writing proficiency. Consequently, the research study sample was randomly chosen from second year LMD population of the English department at the University of 8 Mai 1945 –Guelma. In this respect, we hypothesize that if teachers use collaborative writing techniques, students will be able to write more proficiently. In order to check our hypotheses; the Descriptive Statistical Method has been relied on. As a result, teachers’ and students’ questionnaires have been administered. The former has been provided to a sample group (132) of second year LMD students; whereas, the latter has been given to eighteen (18) teachers from the English Department, at Guelma University. The aim of these questionnaires was to gather significant information about the role, effectiveness and importance of collaborative writing in EFL classrooms. The research findings have shown that collaborative writing is an effective technique that increases students’ writing proficiency. Moreover, the results of the questionnaires have confirmed the research hypotheses. Consequently, students and teachers have shown a positive attitude toward using collaborative writing techniques to develop students’ writing skill and create a good classroom learning atmosphere; where they feel more comfortable, less anxious about making mistakes and more motivated
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