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Title: 7/7 Bombings and the Dilemma of the British Muslim Minority on Identity and Integration
Authors: BOUALLEM Asma, HADDAD Marwa
Keywords: the British Muslim Minority-7/7 Bombings-Dilemma-Identity-Integration
Issue Date: Jun-2016
Abstract: This dissertation discusses the British Muslim dilemma on integration and identity after the 7th July 2005 bombings. It examines the future of British Muslims within Multiculturalism discourse and how the bombings have worsened both processes of Muslims‟ integration and identity formation. The dissertation shows the implication of the bombings on the British Muslims‟ daily life. It focuses on the challenges that the British Muslim community went through after attacks. Islamophobia and hate crimes against Muslims have increased considerably in the aftermath of the attacks. British Media negative portrayal of the attacks, Muslims and Islam has further extended the gap between Muslims and the British society. The Muslim communities have become more alienated and separate from the mainstream population. Consequently, British Muslims are neither able to form a stable identity nor fully integrate into the society despite their willingness to do so.
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