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Title: Investigating the United States Foreign Policy towards the Domination of the Middle Eastern Oil
Other Titles: The Case of Saudi Arabia
Authors: ABBES, Rami
Keywords: Investigating-United States-Foreign Policy-Domination-Saudi Arabia
Issue Date: Jul-2019
Abstract: There are no doubts that the most influential raw material in the world’s political and economic state since the 20 th century is the black gold. The latter is considered as the main reason behind the war, peace, agreement, and conflicts between the world’s major powers. This is what for the United States of America has shifted its foreign policy from time to time in order to fulfill the requisites of oil global market and for whatever suits the oil major exporters. In this regard, the dissertation investigates the United States foreign policy towards the domination of the Middle Eastern oil, and further supported by a case study that is devoted for US -Saudi relations. In addition, this research clarifies that since the Middle Eastern countries are top oil producers and exporters, the United States was not only in need, but obliged to establish formal relations and business with these countries changing its foreign policy from an administration to another to serve its interests in the area. The present work argues that the US, after series of struggles, played its malignant plan over the Persian Gulf, and successfully gained the major oil-rich country as its ally, Saudi Arabia. The US-Saudi relations are still a debatable point in the international arena, some of experts encourage these relations to be strengthened and preserved, and others prefer to reset these relations. But the fact that the US and Saudi Arabia share the benefits of the petrodollar system making it difficult for each to intend an end for the 75 years old friendship.
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