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Title: The Acculturation of Arab Americans in USA post 9/11
Authors: MAAFA, Abdennour
Keywords: Acculturation - Arab Americans - USA - post 9/11
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: The dissertation intends to explore the concept of acculturation in relation to Arab Americans in USA post 9/11. On the one hand, the present study sheds lights on the concepts of “Arab” and “Islam”. The research focuses on acculturation theoretical perspectives; its definition, strategies, models, and acculturative stress. On the other hand, the study investigates the concept of discrimination and stereotypes in relation to acculturation and acculturative stress. The study probes the questions of acculturation of Arab Americans in USA post 9/11. US population, media, and politicians’ discrimination against Arab Americans further marginalize them from the US society. Bush’s administration violates the US constitution and creates policies directed against Arab Americans, most of which targeted Arab Muslim Americans. Bush’s administration treats Arab Americans as an inferior minority stripping them from their rights as US citizens. The discrimination and stereotypes against Arab Americans continue after Bush’s administration and remain an integrated part in US society post 9/11.
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