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Title: The Role of Self- Reflection Strategy in Developing EFL Learner’s Reading Comprehension.
Other Titles: The Case of 1st Year Master Students at the Department of Letters and English Language, University of 08 Mai 1945, Guelma
Authors: SEDAIRIA, Nada
Keywords: The Role - Self Reflection - Strategy - Developing - EFL Learner’s - Reading Comprehension
Issue Date: Jul-2019
Abstract: Reading is usually regarded as a useful skill for developing EFL students other skills, mainly critical thinking. In fact, students rely on such strategies to have good text reading comprehension. Hence, one of these skills is self reflection; which is considered as advanced critical thinking strategy because of the significant role that it plays in developing EFL students’ ability to understand, interpret, and reflect upon the meaning of what is being read; that is, improving reading comprehension. The present study then aims at investigating the role of self reflection strategy in developing EFL students’ abilities of text comprehension. The sample is taken from First Year Master students of the English Department at Guelma University; to check the validity of the research hypothesis; which state that self reflection strategy is one of the essential and effective skills of enhancing students’ reading comprehension and its absence in processing information, would lead to a poor reading comprehension. Thus, one questionnaire was administered to the sample students; as a data collection tool to examine the effect of using self reflection strategy on students’ level of comprehension after reading any written material, as well as students’ perceptions toward the importance of using this strategy. The collected data were described, analyzed, and discussed using the Quantitative Method. The results revealed that the sample students show a significant awareness towards the crucial role self reflection has on enhancing their reading comprehension abilities as well as on other language skills. Consequently, the results confirmed the research hypotheses. As a result, the results are transformed into useful pedagogical implications for an effective EFL reading skill comprehension teaching and learning.
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