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Authors: BAHLOUL Khaoula., DAMDOUM Fatima Zahra
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: The aim of this dissertation is to identify the role of teachers’ oral corrective feedback in improving students speaking skill and their communicative competence as well. The main problem underlying this work is that most of the teachers are giving corrective feedback to their learners with no awareness whether this influences the learner’s speaking skill in a positive or negative way. The research hypothesises that teacher’s oral corrective feedback has a positive effect on the learners’ speaking skill. In order to test this hypothesis, a qualitative method was adopted and two questionnaires were administered as a data gathering tool, one for teachers and another for first year students in the Department of English at Guelma University, to identify and explore their attitudes about the speaking skill and the teacher’s oral corrective feedback. The results obtained signify that the teachers’ oral corrective feedback is an effective pedagogical tool for increasing the learners’ oral proficiency and both teachers and students are aware of the effective role of corrective feedback. On the light of these results, the above mentioned hypothesis was successfully confirmed. Thus, the process of enhancing the speaking skill basically, needs to be accompanied with teacher’s oral CF as a first-aid technique to reduce speaking problems. Finally, some recommendations have been proposed in this study to help teachers in their way of teaching the oral skills, and for an effective oral corrective feedback provision.
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