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Title: A Postcolonial Reading of Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime:
Other Titles: Stories from a South African Childhood
Authors: MEZARI, Aicha
Keywords: Postcolonial-Reading-Trevor Noah-Crime-South African-Childhood.
Issue Date: Jun-2018
Abstract: People in South Africa are still suffering because of the apartheid system and the colonial era till today. This thesis discusses some of the consequences of colonialism related to non-white ethnicities in general and the mixed-race in particular. In order to conduct this study, postcolonial theory is applied on Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime (2016). In addition, this study attempts to shed light on the struggle of non-white people between internalizing oppression and resisting it. Furthermore, the thesis examines how these people internalize inferiority of their own culture and language. As a result, they imitate the colonizer creating a hybrid society. The focus of this thesis is also the study of the adaptation of Trevor along with his mother Patricia as outsiders in a racist patriarchal society. Finally, this study highlights the increase of violence, crimes and their relation to poverty.
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