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Title: Translating Idiomatic English Phrasal Verbs into Arabic :
Other Titles: The Case of Third year English students, University of 08Mai 1945 Guelma
Authors: MEZIANI, Bouchra
Keywords: Translating-Idiomatic-English Phrasal-Verbs-Arabic.
Issue Date: Jun-2018
Abstract: The present research aims at exploring the students’ problems in translating English Phrasal verbs into Arabic. Moreover, the basic format of phrasal verbs is verb plus the particle, it could be an adverb, preposition, or both of them occur successivly. The current paper based on the assumption that there are problems encountered the students to give proper accurate translations and interpretations for this aspect of language. Therefore, a test has been adopted involving 98 students as a sample from third year, English departement, University of 08 mai 1945 Guelma. The outcomes of the test revealed the majority of the students failled to achieved the appropriate translations, mainly such rendition is due to the wrong choice of translations techniques, the role of the context , and the lack of cultural background about the source language. Even more the number of blanks is another proof of their inabilities to translate phrasal verbs. This qualitative quantitative investigation corroborates the hypothesis
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