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dc.contributor.authorBAHDAOUI Ismahen, BOUMAZA Besma-
dc.description.abstractThis work aims at investigating teachers’ and learners’ attitudes towards the use of ICTs (internet, word processor and email) in developing academic writing Compositions. It is based on two hypotheses: the first assumes that teachers and students may have positive attitudes towards the use of the previously mentioned technologies; whereas the second presumes that students only care about their marks not the process of writing via ICTs hence, they will not know their significance. Therefore, the descriptive quantitative method is opted and expressed via the distribution of a questionnaire to 80 students of English randomly selected, and 10 teachers of written expression at the Department of English at the University 08 Mai 1945 - Guelma. The final results display that both teachers and students have positive attitudes towards the use and manipulation of such technologies; since, the numerous online sources available facilitate their collection of information about the writing topics. Moreover, the application of spell check provided by the word processor helps in indicating and automatically correcting errors committed by students as they type their writing tasks. In addition,e-mail is considered as a communication channel between teachers and students, in order to send and receive feedback about the written productions. All in all, the findings prove that these technologies together are praised by both teachers and students, which confirm the first hypothesis, and disconfirm the second one.en_US
dc.titleTeachers’ and Learners’ Attitudes towards the Use of ICTs ( Internet, Word Processor and Email ) in Developing Academic Writing Compositions:en_US
dc.title.alternativeCase Study of Master One Students at the English Department - 8 Mai 1945 University-Guelmaen_US
dc.typeWorking Paperen_US
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