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Title: Raising EFL Learners’ Autonomy through Technology-Based Approach.
Other Titles: Case Study: Master One LMD Students at the Department of English, 8 Mai 1945 University, Guelma.
Authors: MERABET, Ramzi
Keywords: Autonomy, Technology-Based Approach, LMD System, EFL Learners
Issue Date: Jun-2017
Abstract: This research attempts to inquire into the impact of technology-based approach on EFL learners’ autonomy. It initially aims at exploring teachers’ and learners’ views and attitudes with respect to the topic in question. More than that, it endeavors to assay the outcomes of an adequate implementation of a Technology-Based Approach into EFL classrooms. To this end, the study adopts a set of research approaches and tools: It employs the descriptive approach by means of a questionnaire and an interview. The aforementioned tools allow for the obtainment of quantitative and qualitative data. It also implements a quasi-experimental design via the instrumentality of a self-report Likert scale questionnaire. The sample of the present investigation consists of fifty-two (52) Master One LMD students and twelve (12) teachers at the department of English, 8 May 1945 University, Guelma. The emerging results confirm the main hypothesis which implies that an adequate implementation of a Technology-Based Approach promotes EFL learners’ autonomy. The latter calls the attention to the importance of integrating educational technologies in Algerian EFL classrooms.
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