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Title: The Impact of First Language “Negative Transfer” on EFL Learners’ Writing Proficiency
Other Titles: The Case of Second Year LMD Students of English at the University of 8 Mai 1945, Guelma
Authors: ABDELMALEK, Hanane
Keywords: First language, Foreign language, Negative transfer, Language transfer, EFL, Target language, Writing proficiency, Writing approaches, Writing skill.
Issue Date: Jun-2017
Abstract: The present dissertation attempts to investigate the influence of the First Language “Negative Transfer” on the student’s writing proficiency, at the Department of English, University of 8 Mai 1945, Guelma, Algeria. The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of L1 “Negative Transfer” on EFL learner’s writing. The research study sample was randomly chosen from second year LMD population of the English Department. In order to test the hypotheses that suggest the probability that the EFL students with low level writing proficiency tend to use their first language “Negative Transfer” during the writing process. In this respect a descriptive method has been adopted, in which two questionnaires were administered and test that is administered to the same sample of the second year LMD students; the student’s questionnaire was directed to sample group (55) of second year LMD students who were assigned randomly; whereas, teacher’s questionnaire was addressed to (12) English teachers of “Written Expression” module from the English Department. Hence the aim of two questionnaires and test were to collect significant information about effect of L1” Negative Transfer” on the writing proficiency, and to show the attitudes of the students towards the L1 influence. As a result the findings have shown that the First language “Negative transfer” affects negatively the EFL learner’s writing proficiency. Moreover, the results of the questionnaires and test have confirmed the research hypothesis. In this light, the low level of the student’s writing proficiency is due to the L1 “Negative transfer” and they need to develop the foreign language background that enhances their writing proficiently, in order to reduce the impact of L1 transfer.
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