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Title: Politics of Fear in the United States:
Other Titles: The Case of McCarthyism
Authors: FAREH Asma, KHALDI Hachimi
Keywords: Politics-Fear-United States-McCarthyism.
Issue Date: Jun-2017
Abstract: The core of this study is to analyse politics of fear in the United States by specifically shedding light on one of its most recurrent concepts which is scapegoating strategy. It provides an examination of the constancy of American domestic politics in time of crisis vis-à-vis its willingness to jeopardize personal liberties for the sake of an alleged national security. To clarify this approach, the research provides an evaluation of the course of the American democracy, its government’s integrity and its commitment to equality and freedom of speech in relation to different historical scenarios. Finally, this dissertation closes with the conclusion that even though McCarthyism, at several occasions, allowed the US government to violate basic civil and political rights. It was merely a revelation to the rhetoric that was increasing in American politics over decades.
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