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Title: US-Saudi Relations from 2000 to 2008:
Other Titles: Analysis and Assessment
Authors: BOURENANE, Sarra
Keywords: US-Saudi-Relations-Analysis-Assessment
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: This dissertation depicts the main reason that shape the US-Saudi relations. Over years US-Saudi partnership has been considered as the best alliance that has expanded American strategic interests in the Middle East region and has strengthened regional stability to satisfy Saudi Arabia's desire. During the early stages of the relationship, the oil interest was the basic engine that has identified the nature of this bondage and has combined both goals. It discusses why the United States has chosen the spiritual place i.e. Saudi Arabia to be its regional base for such mobilization. From a Saudi perspective, the U.S. was the missing ally that would guarantee a security pillar for any external threat. This annotated image has always been present before the tragedy of the terrorist attacks in 2001, but things have changed when such common interests have faded in the post 9/11. With the ongoing of the events in the Middle East region, King Abdullah has targeted both political and economic reconciliation with the Bush administration through a serious talk which has opened an opportunity for their diplomatic relationship to be reformulated. Also, this dissertation has analyzed the fact that in spite of U.S. and Saudi political, economic and military efforts, their relationship seemed to lose its momentum.
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