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Title: African-American Civil Rights at Stake Again! Investigating the 2014 Killings by Law Enforcement
Other Titles: the Case of Michael Brown
Authors: Lemya AZZEDINE, Hayat LOUATI
Keywords: African-American-Civil Rights-Stake Again-2014 Killings-Law Enforcement-Michael Brown
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: The present dissertation aims at investigating the violations of the African American civil rights by the U.S. Law Enforcement agents. The research deals mainly with the concept of racial bias among the U.S. police officers and its impact on their “Shoot, Don’t Shoot” decision when the suspect is black. It also highlights the development of the African American civil rights throughout history with a focus on the notion of racism during the terms of Barack Obama. Most importantly, this study investigates the perception of the African American civil rights after more than a century of struggle and fight for equality. That is, it examines the reality behind the government claims that the U.S. is a post racial country. Basically, this research highlights some of the police shooting incidents of unarmed African Americans with a focus on the case of Michael Brown and its aftermath. The obtained results confirm the idea that racial bias still exists in U.S. Law Enforcement and it is the driving factor to the police officers’ decision to shoot or not to shoot a suspect. This analysis puts an end to the U.S. claim of being a post racial nation and proves that the African American civil rights are once again threatened even under the presidency of a black man.
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