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Title: The Efficiency of Implementing Classroom Management Strategies in Raising Learners’ Test Grades
Other Titles: The Case of Teachers and Learners of English at MahdjoubAbd El-Rahman Secondary School-Guelma-
Authors: AYECHE Marwa, BENREDJEM Samah
Keywords: Efficiency-Implementing-Management-Strategies-Raising Learners’
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: present study investigates the nature of classroom management strategies and their use in teaching English as a Foreign Language, and the ways they influence learners’ results. It attempts to specify the reasons of the research problem which are mainly related to teachers’ lack of training in classroom management, the ineffective use of classroom management strategies, and pupils’ individual differences. The study hypothesizes that the appropriate implementation of classroom management strategies may affect learners’ marks in the English tests. For this purpose, three research tools have been used, the first and the most important one was a checklist for classroom observation conducted in Mahdjoub Abd El-Rahman Secondary school to report teachers’ teaching strategies. The second tool was an analysis of the marks’ sheets to check the extent of achievement in different classes when teachers apply distinct classroom management strategies. Additionally, a questionnaire has been administered for teachers of English in order to know their views and attitudes towards the implementation of classroom management strategies. The findings show that the appropriate use of classroom management strategies can help learners achieve better results in the English tests; thus, the research hypothesis has been confirmed. The study suggests some useful instructional teaching strategies that would foster learners’ test achievement, either by incorporating the different classroom management strategies within the classroom setting, or by raising teachers’ awareness of their effective implementation.
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