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Title: Using Video Techniques to Develop Students’ Listening Comprehension Abilities
Other Titles: The Case of First Year Students at The University of Guelma.
Authors: Chaibderraine Afaf, Harzalla Fatima Zahra
Keywords: Video-Abilities-Techniques-Develop-Comprehension
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: The current study tends to investigate the importance of using video techniques to enhance students’ listening comprehension abilities. Since learning English as a foreign language is complex, using videos is one of the strategies that teachers and students can employ to achieve best results. It is hypothesized that; if teachers implement video techniques in their listening classes, students’ listening comprehension abilities will be developed. To investigate and test the hypothesis, two questionnaires have been administered, one was distributed to fifty first year English LMD students, and the other was given to twelve teachers at the department of English in University 8 mai 1945 Guelma. The questions’ aim was to check students’ and teachers’ opinions towards using video techniques to develop students’ listening comprehension abilities. Consequently, the use of video techniques in the classroom is fruitful, because they help students develop their listening comprehension abilities.
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