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Title: Dubbing and Subtitling the Animated Movies from English into Arabic
Other Titles: Case Study: The Animated Movie" Cars03"
Authors: Aziza MOSBAHI, Amina KEMCHA
Keywords: translation , audio visual translation, dubbing, subtitling, translation Techniques, animated movie Cars.
Issue Date: Jun-2023
Abstract: The present study investigates how the translation strategies are applied in the audiovisual translation of animated movies. It adopts a descriptive-analytic approach because it explores a comparison of the dubbed version of the movie “Cars” in Egyptian dialect with the subtitled one in modern standard Arabic. The research tackles the cultural, social and linguistic perspectives that may cause problematic challenges for the translators. for some strategies. Accordingly, the first part of this study is theoretical which discusses the definition of translation from many different points of views and its relationship with the audiovisual translation as well as the dubbing and subtitling of animation without forgetting the main challenging aspects that face the translators during translating. The second part is a descriptive analysis of the strategies applied to transform some scripts from ST i ST into the TT in the animated movie “ Cars 3” especially the ones that include linguistic and cultural items, In the light of this, the research aims to examine the strategies used in both dubbing and subtitling and its impact on children perspective, also it compares the Egyptian dialect with the standard Arabic and highlight the main differences when it comes to translating animation. Moreover, we proposed some recommendations for children and translation trainees to improve the study of the animation movies in the field of translation studies. As a result, the descriptive analytical study confirms that the implication of the research hypotheses finds that the translation may differ from one language to another in subtitling and dubbing animated movies due to the translator’s application of some techniques.
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