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Title: The Rise and Evolution of Sovereignty Movement in Quebec:
Other Titles: The 1995 Referendum
Authors: HENNAD Houda, BENABID Abir
Keywords: Rise-Evolution-Sovereignty-Movement-Quebec
Issue Date: Jun-2023
Abstract: This dissertation entitled “The Rise and Evolution of Sovereignty Movement in Quebec: The 1995 Referendum” comprehensively elucidates the factors that led to the rise and evolution of Quebec Nationalism with reference to the 1995 Sovereignty Referendum. Indeed this work aims at explaining how sovereignty movements developed in Quebec and to what extent they were influential. This dissertation hypothesises that the prospect of independence for Quebec diminished after 1995 indicating and obvious shifted from separatism to federalism. This hypothesis is relatively answering the problematic of this research which put in question the effectiveness of Quebec nationalism in gaining independence for the province.
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