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Title: Investigating EFL Teachers’ Attitudes Towards the Use of the 5Es Model.
Other Titles: The Case of Teachers at the Department of English, Guelma University
Authors: GRINI Ikram, AZZOUZ Amira
Keywords: EFL Teachers-5Es Model-Attitudes-Towards
Issue Date: Jun-2023
Abstract: Teaching is an art of delivering knowledge to learners through the use of different strategies and methods . The present study aims at exploring English as a foreign language teachers’ attitudes towards the use of the 5Es model at the department of English at Guelma university. It hypothesizes that teachers may be aware about the 5Es model as an instructional strategy and have a positive attitude towards it. In fact, though the educational reform that took place in the Algerian universities years ago, teacher-centered instruction still exists in EFL classes.This method leads to the creation of passive learners who always depend on teachers in processing knowledge and those who adopt learner-centered methods still face problems in engaging their students in the teaching/ learning process. As far as the research method is concerned, the current research opted for a descriptive quantitative qualitative method. More specifically, a questionnaire has been distributed to 20 teachers of different specialities at the department of English at Guelma University. Results show that most teachers prefer learner-centered methods, a good number of instructors are aware of the concept of the 5Es model and have a positive attitude towards its use.
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