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Title: How to Make America Secure? The United States Refugee Policy during Barack Obama and Donald Trump’s Presidencies
Other Titles: The Case of Syrian Refugees
Authors: AOUSSI Nachoua, CADI Amani
Issue Date: 2022
Abstract: This work aims to explore the different definitions of the term “refugee” and to investigate the political view on the refugee policy. The dissertation attempts to explain refugees' influence on the US security system. The study of the subject is motivated by the significant impact of the refugee‟s admission to the US before and after 9/11. More to the point, this work compares the two featured presidents of the United States, President Barack Obama, and President Donald Trump, and their opposite policies. Syria was the most affected country by the Arab Spring resulting in a massive displacement crisis around the globe. Accordingly, it is taken as a case study in this research which helps at highlighting Syrian refugee crisis. The latter happened due to the civil war that scattered a whole country resulting to one of the most major crises in the world.
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