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Title: Investigating the Attitudes of EFL Learners towards Integrating Critical Thinking Skills into Teaching EFL:
Other Titles: The case of Master Students at the University of 8 Mai 1945- Guelma.
Authors: Imen KHEMAISSIA, Khouloud BETEHI
Keywords: Critical Thinking, English as a Foreign Language, Learners’ Attitudes, Awareness. University of 8 Mai 1945.
Issue Date: 2022
Abstract: The current study aims at exploring the extent to which learners of English as a foreign language at the University of 8 Mai 1945- Guelma are aware of the concept of critical thinking. Further, it investigates the attitudes of those learners towards incorporating critical thinking skills in learning English as a foreign language. To answer the research questions, an exploratory method is followed. Data is collected through an online questionnaire distributed to 79 EFL Master I and Master II students at the department of English at the University of 08 Mai 1945 -Guelma. The findings show that learners are, to a good extent, aware of the concept critical thinking and its role in enhancing the learning process in the classroom, in addition to the importance of developing critical thinking skills. Moreover, it is revealed that the participants have positive attitudes towards the integration of critical thinking skills when learning English as a foreign language. The study provides some pedagogical implications for teachers and learners to promote critical thinking skills.
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