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Title: The Influence of Inductive Teaching Method on EFL Learners’ Autonomy
Other Titles: Case study: Third year LMD Students at the Department of English, 8 Mai 1945 University, Guelma.
Authors: KECHIDA, Ikram
Keywords: Inductive Teaching Method, EFL, Learners’ Autonomy, LMD system, Deductive Teaching Method.
Issue Date: 2022
Abstract: This research describes the extent to which the inductive teaching method affects English as foreign language (EFL) learners’ autonomy. It aims at describing the relation between the utilization of inductive teaching method in EFL classrooms and learners autonomy. This study adopts the descriptive method by employing two questionnaires. These tools allow the obtainment of quantitative data. The sample of the present investigation consists of one hundred forty four (144) Third Year LMD students and twenty (20) teachers at the department of English, 8 Mai 1945 University, Guelma. The emanating results confirm the main hypothesis which implies that the permanent use of inductive teaching method promotes EFL learners’ autonomy. These results highlight that inductive teaching method enhances EFL learners’ autonomy.
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