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Title: A study of Learning Disabilities:
Other Titles: The case of Dyslexia among Mouloud Feraoun’s Primary School, Guelma.
Authors: BOURAHDOUN, Hadia
Keywords: Learning disabilities/ disorders, Eeducational psychology, Special education and Dyslexia.
Issue Date: 2022
Abstract: Learning disorders are worldwide issues that may affect individuals, especially young learners. According to the researcher’s personal experience, the choice of this topic was motivated by what she observed of adults’ lack of awareness of children’s psychological, psycholinguistic, and educational psychology concerns, particularly among primary school teachers and parents. This paper aims to identify learning disorders, provides an overview of the field’s history in addition to covering learning disorder types, highlights the main aspects of dyslexia, and finally investigates the situation of Mouloud Feraoun’s primary school kids of Guelma and answers the question of whether or not their learning disorders are detected. Moreover. To achieve the study’s objectives, the research is a mixed-method approach in which data are gathered through a questionnaire forwarded to one of Guelma’s primary school teachers to examine their awareness aside from an interview with psychologists to get detailed information about the topic. To conclude, the researcher intends to shed light on a much-ignored topic in Algerian society, striving not only for awareness but an enhanced learning environment for children as a national then a global investment.
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