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Title: The Role of Writing Techniques in Enhancing the Quality of Master Dissertation Writing
Keywords: dissertation writing; academic writing; writing techniques.
Issue Date: 2022
Abstract: Writing in a foreign language is one of the most difficult and complex processes for the language learner. It is a challenging skill that demands a lot of effort to produce an accurate piece of work. The majority of English as Foreign Language learners (EFL) encounter difficulties in writing their dissertation. The current study attempts to investigate the role of writing techniques in improving dissertation writing quality. Moreover, it seeks to raise students awareness of the importance of using writing techniques. For this purpose, a descriptive research with a quantitative approach has been used to confirm the hypothesis, which states that writing techniques could enhance second-year Master students’ dissertation writing. As a research tool, a questionnaire was administered to gather data from second-year Master students at the Department of English, 8 May 1945 University Guelma. The main findings showedthat the students encounter difficulties in writing their dissertations. In addition, the findings confirmed the application of writing techniques in second-year Master Students. In addition, the findings provided evidence that support our hypothesis, the role of writing techniques in enhancing the quality of dissertation writing. Finally, the recommendation derived from these results needs to be considered by students.
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