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Title: The Legacy of the Kennedys’ Quest for the American Presidency:
Other Titles: Ambition vs. Tragedy
Authors: ABADLIA, Nor ElHouda
Issue Date: 2022
Abstract: The present dissertation examines how driven by their ambition, the Kennedys achieved degrees of national and global prominence in their lifetimes. This study assesses both the positive and negative dimensions of the Kennedys legacy associated with their attempt to rise to the presidency. It traces their Irish roots, upbringing and exposure to politics by their ambitious father. The research depicts how Joseph P. Kennedy, who had high expectations for each of his children, was eager to gain enough wealth and influence to protect his family from the uneasy and hostile currents he experienced as a young Irish Catholic in Harvard and Brahmin Boston. This became his life's goal, inspiring him to make his son the country's first Irish- Catholic president. The dissertation then provides an in depth coverage of each Kennedy contribution to American history. It also highlights the traits that they have had since they were young: a desire to serve the public and a drive to succeed; bravery in the face of adversity and a determination to triumph; awareness of the public's pulse and the ability to quicken it. Furthermore, the research outlines the devastating tragedies that haunted the Kennedys, from bootlegging rumors to mental retardation, plane crashes to assassinations. Based on an examination of historic, sociological, psychological studies and scholarly documents, this work investigates why the Kennedys have been subjected to such calamities and tragedies, most importantly, it explores the underlying pattern that governs the Kennedy “curse”. Enough has been written, and will be written about the Kennedys, yet the aim is not to repeat a recitation of their history but to trace the evolution of their philosophy, to draw a personal and a national way of life from those lives and deeds that can meaningfully inspire the Algerian youth. It is a legacy for all those, who seek a newer world, a fresh start.
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