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Title: a wheelchair through an EEG signal using stepper motors
Authors: BERREHOUMA, Yahia
Keywords: Omnidirecionnal motion , Brain-computer interface , MindWave ,EEG
Issue Date: Jun-2022
Publisher: Université 08 MAI 1945 Guelma
Abstract: ry through This Master thesis to develop a prototype for an electrical wheelchair controlled by human MindWave. The goal is to find a precise and effective way to help patients with reduced mobility, particularly stroke victims to find their normal life. To do so, we have combined a set of electronic and mechanic components to construct a remotely controlled omnidirectional mobile robot. After successfully building the robot chassis com- posed essentially of four mecanum wheels driven by four stepper motors, we started to control its motion with MindWaves and gyroscope where the captured signals are sent via a Bluetooth and WiFi connections. The obtained results were very positive compared to a conventional wheelchair, firstly, by the ability to move the robot laterally (to the right and to the left) without the need to turn, and secondly, by the precision and the stabilit
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