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Title: Exploring teachers and students attitudes towards the impact of online video games on learners foreign language speaking skill:
Other Titles: The case study of first year LMD students at the university of 08 MAI 1945 Guelma
Authors: Fulla HEMAIDIA, Rania OBEIZI
Keywords: Video games; speaking skill; Teachers’ and Students’ Perceptions
Issue Date: Sep-2021
Abstract: The present research inquiries about teachers’ and students’ perceptions towards the influence of online video games on foreign language learners’ speaking abilities. Hence, it assumes that there are either positive or negative attitudes among both students and teachers about the relationship between the use of online video games and speaking skill improvement. In order to achieve the research objective and to test the research hypothesis, the qualitative method has been used. Additionally, data about teachers’ and students’ views and perspectives has been collected using two questionnaires; the first one was administered with forty (40) first year students who are enrolled in the department of English, University of 8 Mai 1945, Guelma, Algeria; while the second questionnaire has been conducted electronically via Google Forms with sixteen (16) teachers who teach in the same department. The results obtained showed that the majority of teachers and students hold positive attitudes towards the implementation of video games in order to develop learners’ oral proficiency. Therefore, it is recommended to use them and encourage more teachers and students to explore this new teaching method.
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