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Title: Investigating Students’ Motivation in Distance versus Face-to-face Learning Contexts
Other Titles: Case Study of First-year Master Students, at the Department of English, University 8 May 1945. Guelma
Authors: Chaima BAALI, Rania RETEM
Keywords: Investigating-Students’ Motivation-Distance-versus
Issue Date: Sep-2021
Abstract: The present study aims at comparing students’ motivation in face-to-face versus distance learning contexts. Accordingly, the current research provides the viewpoints of students in response to the topic’s stated goals and questions. Thus, we hypothesized that students’ motivation could decrease in distance learning in contrast to face-to-face learning contexts. In order to prove or disprove the hypothesis, the comparative descriptive method was adopted by the use of a questionnaire consisting of 28 questions to obtain quantitative data. The questionnaire was distributed to ninety-two first-year Master Students at the department of English, 8 May 1945 University-Guelma. Following the analysis of the data, it was confirmed that distance learning leads to the decrease of students’ motivation to study and achieve good results. Therefore, distance learning should be taken into consideration by implementing new measures in order to help students cope with the new situation and accomplish their goals. We highly recommend adapting the syllabus to the needs of students in online learning settings.
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