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Title: The Use of Communication Strategies in EFL Speaking Classes
Other Titles: Third Year Students’ Perspectives, department of English, Guelma University
Authors: Riheb AYACHI, Selma KADDECHE
Keywords: Communication-Strategies-EFL-Speaking Classes.
Issue Date: Sep-2021
Abstract: The current work aims at investigating students’ attitudes towards the use of communication strategies at the department of English at Guelma University. Students in that department still face some difficulties when it comes to producing a fluent conversation and conveying the intended message appropriately. This fact can ultimately lead to comprehension and communication problems between interlocutors. In order to confirm or reject the hypotheses of the present work, a descriptive quantitative qualitative method has been used. That is, a questionnaire was distributed to third year students who enrolled the academic year 2020/2021. The analysis of the results from the questionnaire proves students’ awareness and their positive attitude toward the use of communication strategies. Finally, it is recommended to consider the communication strategies in the speaking classes to improve students’ speaking and their communication skills in particular.
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