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Title: An Exploration of the Main Challenges and Requirements of Introducing English as a Second Language (ESL) to the Algerian Primary School: The case of primary schools in Guelma.
Keywords: English language teaching, primary school, children, challenges, requirements, methods.
Issue Date: Jul-2020
Abstract: This study explores the aspects of introducing the English language to the Algerian primary school. It focuses on the requirements, the teaching methods, and the possible challenges facing policy makers and education experts when teaching English to the Algerian primary school. The research method adopted in this study is an exploratory method in order to discover the challenges and requirements for teaching English to the Algerian primary schools. Moreover, the study is based on a qualitative approach, where data is gathered through an online questionnaire answered by fifteen (15) English university teachers at 08 Mai 1945 University-Guelma. The results obtained allows to evaluate the importance of teaching English in primary schools. Teachers agree on encouraging the teaching of English in Algeria and particularly in primary schools. The research also reveals that the implementation of English into primary schools may face many challenges at the governmental and school levels, teachers’ expertise and training, curriculum design and lack of methodologies. The emerging results confirm that introducing English to the Algerian primary schools has many challenges and it needs many requirements, however, it is possible.
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