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Title: The Role of Diagnostic Test Results in Adapting Syllabus Content The Case of: Algerian 2nd Year Secondary Schools
Keywords: Diagnostic test, Syllabus, Syllabus adaptation, EFL teachers, EFL learners, Learners' needs
Issue Date: Jul-2020
Abstract: The present study attempts to inquire into the role of diagnostic test results in syllabus content adaptation. This investigation aims at exploring teachers’ perceptions, views, and attitudes vis-à-vis the use of diagnostic test in syllabus modification. It intends to figure out the reasons for which secondary school teachers use the diagnostic test and the outcomes of its use. Also, it attempts to have a closer look at instructional content adaptation and the function pupils' diagnostic testing performs in this process. It is thereby hypothesized that if teachers make use of the diagnostic test results, syllabus content adaptation would be more effective. To check the aforementioned hypothesis and answer the theoretical questions of the research, the descriptive quantitative method was adopted. The latter is manifested through the administration of a questionnaire by means of which quantitative numerical data are gathered. A total of two-handed and six (206) second year secondary school teachers from all over Algeria constituted the research sample. The derived results unveil a positive relationship between the two main variables, which confirms the hypothesis set at the beginning of the research. Furthermore, according to the obtained data, the participant teachers appear to recognize the value and impact of diagnostic test on their teaching in general and on syllabus adaptation specifically. Besides, the findings have shown the effects of teaching experiences and individual beliefs on the process. It is highly recommended to reconsider the status of language diagnostic test and encouraging adaptation should become priorities that policymakers ought to take into serious account in the future.
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