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Title: Investigating Secondary School Teachers Achievement of the Learning Objectives through Project-Based Learning
Keywords: Project-Based learning / learning objectives
Issue Date: Jul-2020
Abstract: The current research investigates secondary school teachers’ achievement of the learning objectives through Project-Based Learning. It explores the effectiveness of projects in Foreign Language Learning. To reach this aim we hypothesized that teachers who follow Project-Based Learning would rarely achieve the learning objectives. To test the hypothesis, high school teachers of English in the whole country (Algeria) were chosen as a sample for the current study. Hence, an online questionnaire was administered due to the covid-19 pandemic. This tool provided us with different views and experiences in relation to the topic. The findings showed that the hypothesis was confirmed since Project-Based Learning could rarely lead to learning objectives’ achievement. Consequently, Project-Based Learning is not successful. Hence, it should be adjusted according to pupils’ needs and competence.
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