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Title: New empirical correlation for estimation of vaporization enthalpy of algerian saharan blend petroleum fractions
Authors: Belghit, Chafik
Keywords: characterization correlation; enthalpy of vaporization; genetic algorithm; petroleum fraction; pure compounds
Issue Date: 7-May-2018
Publisher: Petroleum Science and Technology
Abstract: A Real-coded Genetic Algorithm has been used to develop a new correlation to estimate the enthalpy of vaporization for pure compounds and petroleum fractions as a function of the normal boiling point and specific gravity. In developing the correlation 80% of the data was used and the remaining are used for validation. The results of the proposed correlations are compared to others in literature. The comparison indicates that the proposed model is simple to use and more accurate than the most common correlations for predicting the enthalpy of vaporization of pure compounds and petroleum fractions.
ISSN: 1091-6466
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